About the Kings Head Holmbury St Mary


Katy - Manager

I didn’t think I’d find myself back in the pub trade but here I am again with a great team of people about to open the doors to The Kings Head. I feel I’ve gone full circle after starting out at The Kings Head in Cuckfield many years ago for Jeremy Ashpool, my first full time chefs’ position straight out of catering college. Jeremy gave me the passion for cooking and the grounding for a great career in the industry which has enabled me to travel extensively, cooking in Switzerland, France and Canada.

Once back in England, I worked at South Lodge when Tony Tobin was Head Chef. Then I went back into the pub industry which is when the opportunity of The Chequers at Rowhook came up. This is where my love for front of house started whilst still being able to assist in the kitchen when needed.

After many years at The Chequers, the time came for me to head in a new direction. From looking after bears in Romania to making the most of the snow in the mountains with my passion for skiing with a few varied catering jobs in between.

I now find myself with an amazing opportunity to be back behind the bar welcoming new customers to The Kings Head.

Anastasiia - Head Barista

It all starts with love!… With love for fragrant, hot and invigorating drinks.

I’m Anastasia, a professional Barista since 2012. I graduated from Barista in Odessa, Ukraine.

I know how to choose the right bean and grind, for your favourite drink.

I got into the world of coffee because I needed a job as a student, but this world of coffee immediately sparked numerous colours. It fascinated me and made me decide to study as a Barista.

I had the opportunity to set up a coffee shop creating the menus and writing up manuals so everyone who came to the café would have consistently good coffee.

I then became a Barista teacher for 3 years in a professional educational institution where I taught more than a dozen students at a time.

A Barista is someone who first knows everything about coffee and secondly someone who loves coffee.

I love my work and I’m not afraid to experiment.



Monday to Friday

11:30 to 23:00


11:30 to 23:30

Sunday and Bank Holidays

12:00 to 18:00


Monday to Friday 

Lunch orders from 12:00 to 15:00

Monday to Saturday

Evening orders from 18:00 to 21:00

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Lunch orders from 12:00 to 15:00

No evening service


Monday to Saturday

8.00 to 14:00


8.00 to 12:00

If the pub is closed bookings

can be made through the shop

Please see KH shop assistant

Please be considerate of our neighbours when parking. thank you.